Our shop in Lignano

Maxim is in Lignano Pineta, it is set inside an architectonical and urbanity area designed in 1953 by the internationally famous architect Marcello D’Olivo. He designed this area and got inspired by the marine snail. The architectonical disposition, that is still nowadays well known and studied in all the universities, is made of radiuses and arches having their centre in the church that was built 400 metres far from the sea.

This innovative project contributed also in protecting the natural environment next to the beach, that is not an ordinary fact in the Italian seaside cities. Maxim is located in the middle of the commercial axis, in the famous building named “Train” that consists of a row of shops set between the two radiuses so that shops windows can be seen from the two parallel streets.


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Via Raggio dello Scirocco, 50
33054 Lignano Sabbiadoro
tel: +39 0431 428864
9:30 – 13:00
16:30 – 23:00

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